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Campsites in Derry, County Londonderry

List of Campsites in Londonderry, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland

  • Elaghvale Camping Park, Londonderry, County Londonderry

Londonderry Attractions

Derry-Londonderry is one of the oldest inhabited places anywhere in Ireland.

Although the earliest historical references which can be found today date back to the sixth century when a monastery was founded, people had been living in the area for thousands of years previously.

The name Derry comes from the old Irish word Daire, which means an oak grove surrounded by water or a peat bog, so the name fitted the settlement well as the original oak grove were located on a hill which was formerly an island in the River Foyle.

The channel which had run on the western side of the island dried out leaving a marshy boggy area, which eventually became known as the Bogside.

A Christian monastery was founded on the hill in the sixth Century by Irish saint Colmcille/Columba.

Throughout the second half of the 16th Century Queen Elizabeth’s forces failed to conquer the province of Ulster, then the only part of Ireland beyond England’s control.Her successor James I adopted a different approach and the Plantation of Ulster was the result when loyal English and Scottish migrants, mainly Protestants, took over colonised areas inhabited by the Irish Catholics.

The walled city of Derry was colonised by the wealthy trades’ guild of London which renamed the city Londonderry.The city which supported the republican Parliament in London was besieged by the Presbyterian forces loyal to the King.

James came to the city in 1689 and the Siege of Derry, which lasted for 105 days, began at a cost of thousands of lives both outside the walls and within.

Things to do when in Londonderry:

  • Angling
  • Cycling
  • Golf
  • Guided Tours
  • Helicopter Excursions
  • Karting
  • Outdoor activities

City of Culture 2013

Derry-Londonderry made history in July 2010 when it was awarded the inaugural UK City of Culture designation for 2013. The journey towards City of Culture is both compelling and ambitious and will help unlock creativity and generate new connections to shape the new story of our city’s vibrant future.

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