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Peninsula Caravan Services

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Peninsula Caravan Services

Peninsula Caravan Services are a new ambitious business looking to help caravan owners to get value for money on their caravan servicing, repairs and cleaning.

Kirk Patton
Peninsula Caravan Services
3 New Road,
County Down


Mobile: 07711891121

Caravan Services Provided

Services provided by Peninsula Caravan Services:

  • Damp repairs
  • Servicing
  • Complete cleaning service
  • Decking construction and repairs
  • Any outside work around your caravan eg: Concreting
  • Collect and return if required
  • Vehicle valeting
  • General help with any problems

Touring Caravans

Peninsula Caravan Services offer value for money service for touring caravan owners.

As caravaners, Peninsula Caravan Services know how expensive repairs and servicing can be. As such they just charge by the hour for any work and will provide any parts as close to cost price as possible.

Peninsula Caravan Services are enthusiastic about working on these caravans as basically they really like doing it so any job big or small will be done.

Sometimes owners of older tourer caravans think that their caravan is possibly too old to fix. Please give Peninsula Caravan Services a call as sometimes it's not as bad as it seems and you can keep your caravan going instead of changing it.

Peninsula Caravan Services can service the caravan as required; you will receive exactly what you want instead of being charged a large price for small items inside the caravan that anyone can do. Peninsula Caravan Services will make sure that the important safety based things are to standard required on the caravan at the right price for you.

Caravan servicing covers all aspects of the caravan and any work you require will be completed.

Damp is the main problem seen by Peninsula Caravan Services in touring caravans especially in the older ones. In the majority of cases, the damp can be repaired and with the older caravans Peninsula Caravan Services will discuss with you the most cost effective way to get it fixed for you.

The image gallery will show some older caravan damp repairs completed by Peninsula Caravan Services at a cost to suit the caravan owner.

For a very small fee, Peninsula Caravan Services can collect and return most caravans or small jobs. Alternatively, cleaning can be done at your own home.

Static Caravans

Peninsula Caravan Services offer a complete cleaning service for your static caravan, both inside and out.

Peninsula Caravan Services will always do exactly what you ask and not over charge for something you didn't want or need done. For example, if you want just the outside done that is fine or maybe you just want the carpets washed.

Charged by the hour for the inside work, Peninsula Caravan Services always works out cheaper for you.

The caravan outsides usually cost £30 and are washed with turtle wax cleaner, through a power washer, which puts a lovely shine on your static caravan. Caravan roofs and other work again are charged just by the time spent on it.

Peninsula Caravan Services can also construct or repair your decking around the outside of your static caravan or maybe you need steps built or concrete laid.

With a machine to wash your upholstery and/or carpets, Peninsula Caravan Services use quality shampoos to clean your carpets.

Typically Peninsula Caravan Services can clean your caravan from top to bottom, and from inside to out in one day. Please contact for best price.

We can usually find a convenient time to carry out the cleaning or any other jobs required to suit you, even if it is in evening or at the weekend.


Motorhome Services

Peninsula Caravan Services also undertake work on motorhomes.

Servicing and checking of anything that is required in the motorhome.

Peninsula Caravan Services clean motorhomes from top to bottom, with carpets and upholstery washed if required.

Peninsula Caravan Services also wash the outside of motorhomes, then polish or wax as per customer's wishes.

Arrangement for a mechanical service can also be arranged by Peninsula Caravan Services for you at the same time as the motorhome cleaning or repair.

Again prices depend on the size of vehicle and amount of work carried out as the work is charged by the hour.

Caravan Cleaning

Peninsula Caravan Services offer a full cleaning service for all caravans and vehicles.

They will clean exactly what you want at a time that suits yourself.

For example if you only require the outside of your caravan cleaned, or perhaps you may just want the carpets washed or upholstery cleaned. All this can be done separately if required.

The outsides are sprayed with soap (Turtlewax) and washed with a brush. Then, cleaned down with a power washer.

The caravan insides can be cleaned as much as you required with every inch being done if you want. The carpets and upholstery are washed using a machine with good quality shampoos and cleaners.

Kitchens and bathrooms will be bleached and cleaned thoroughly and steam cleaner used if required.

The area around outside of statics can also be cleaned. For example: concrete and paving.

We charge most of our cleaning by the hour as all jobs are different but typically the outside of a static costs £30 with the roof or anything more extra.

As a guide the complete inside and outside of a static caravan can be done in a day.

Vehicle and Caravan Valeting

All vehicles valeting for value prices.

Cars, 4x4, vans all cleaned and valeted.

Outsides washed with sponge and power washer with Turtlewax cleaner. Vehicles can be waxed or polished if required.

Vehicle insides are completely vacuumed and cleaned. Carpets and upholstery can be washed if required.

All vehicle plastic and vinyl washed and cleaned with top quality products.

Peninsula Caravan Services will clean as much or as little as you require on your vehicle.

The cost for vehicle valeting starts at £30. This will clean a family size car both inside and out with carpets and upholstery washed depending on how soiled the inside is. This valeting price includes the cleaning products used.

Waxing or polishing outside will be slightly extra depending on the size of the vehicle and the products required for the valet.


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